Nybo Workwear A/S - a family business

Nybo Workwear A/S was founded in 1962 by Margit and Peder Nybo Jensen, who were in charge of the company for many years. Among customers, suppliers and partners the couple has always been connected with the quality, punctuality and level of service service that is so characteristic of Nybo Workwear A/S.


Now a strong team of young leader have taken over the company. A team that among others incorporates the next generation of the Nybo Jensen family.


Helle Nybo Holmberg, co-owner and managing director has been working with the company since 1989.


Anders Nybo Jensen, co-owner and CEO of Nybo Dobele SIA (production facilities in Latvia) since 1999, has been working with the company since 1993.


Jacob Nybo Jensen, co-owner and Quality & IT Manager, has been working with the company since 1994.


With this group of skilled leaders Nybo Workwear A/S is well prepared for the future, in which we plan to further develop the company with focus on our customers’ needs.


We see a bright future for Nybo Workwear A/S.




Dear customer


Welcome to our new stock program with the following categories:


  • NOOS
  • Limited stock
  • Made to order
  • Discontinued


Please find the relevant category in each product headline.


Please be patient with NOOS and limited stock items. We are in the process of building up stock and we estimate a 100% roll out end of April 2018.


We are looking forward to presenting you to an optimized stock program, which we hope will further develop your business and our co-operation.