As we are aiming to be the preferred supplier of workwear within gastronomy, health care and light industry in Europe, it is our ambition to ensure profitable business and a smooth daily handling for our customers.

Our task is to deliver workwear, which fits the end user’s high demands for comfort, function and design. In order to do this we want to attract and keep quality-minded, well-qualified and passionate employees.

Every day thousands of people are wearing our garments at their job. This makes us very proud and is a big motivation in our daily work.

In order to obtain the above we are constantly focusing on the below fields:

Our garment is made for people at work. This means that it must be available in the right sizes, models and volumes – at the right time.

Through use at work and continuous washing and drying in industrial laundries, the garment is exposed to harsh conditions. Our knowledge of fabrics, accessories and production minimize problems during the products’ lifetime.

The user’s job function has very specific and vital demands to the garment. Our products meet these demands and will make the garment an integrated part of the daily task handling.

The user’s job and personality go hand in hand. By a constant focus on smart design solutions, we ensure the personal well-being and a professional and credible appearance.

Company values:

In order to maintain a solid platform in a changeable world we want to be an innovative, dynamic and efficient company, which other companies in the business look at for inspiration.

With equal parts of competence, durability, enthusiasm and good spirits, we wish to ensure our customers optimum solutions thereby adding value to the benefit of our customers - and ourselves.

Honesty and creditability must be our guidelines in everything we do. 

Everything we do must be marked with a high quality stamp.