Modern and relevant quality control (ISO 15797/ ISO 30023)

As a result of an increasing number of fabric types and garment produced in “low-wage countries”, it’s becoming still more important to make sure that the fabrics and the finished product live up to the expectations of the customers.

Nybo Workwear A/S continually performs a range of tests to ensure that the products are fit for industrial laundries according to ISO 15797. Symbols for the conditions applied in ISO 15797 tests are specified in the qualification label standard ISO 30023.

Through such additional procedures Nybo Workwear A/S allow for a more qualified range of suitable garments to meet customer needs, in particular for appearance and performance throughout the lifetime of the garments. The tests are carried through in close co-operation with external specialists, before the fabric and other accessories are accepted in our production.

Download a detailed description of Nybo Workwear A/S's use of ISO15797 and ISO30023.