Private label
The designers at Nybo Workwear A/S are working new thinking and they are very conscious of an accommodating of models, colours and fabrics for the individual customer or for the individual trade.


Before starting up a new collection, the designers make a thorough research of the target group. The cut and details at a new model, is chosen against a background of functionalism, new trends and in some cases, traditions for the target group concerned. Fabrics, equipment and models are tested in order to secure the washing ability of the models at the laundries.


There are many thoughts behind selection of colours schemes for new models. Psychology and symbolism of the colour play a large part for the users of the clothing and also for those persons, who are in contact with the users.




Dear customer


Welcome to our new stock program with the following categories:


  • NOOS
  • Limited stock
  • Made to order
  • Discontinued


Please find the relevant category in each product headline.


Please be patient with NOOS and limited stock items. We are in the process of building up stock and we estimate a 100% roll out end of April 2018.


We are looking forward to presenting you to an optimized stock program, which we hope will further develop your business and our co-operation.