The meaning of the colours:



Positively: joy, happiness, hope, optimism, vitality, joie de vivre.

Negatively: duplicity, deception and sourness.


Positively: love, solicitude, warm-heartedness, joy, activity, energy, power self-confidence.

Negatively: blood, alarm, fire, warning, anger.

Positively: tranquillity, cleanliness, stillness, stability, peace calming, restful, contentment, frankness, loyalty, eternity, truth, intellect, knowledge, under-standing, quality, authority, pride, promotion of ability for concentration, elegance.

Negatively: boring, impersonal, cold, stagnation.

Positively: colour of hope, youth, freshness, health, salubrity, sincerity, truth, justice, balance, tranquillity, harmony, equilibrium soothing.

Negatively: envy, waspish comments, emptiness, defence mechanism.

Positively: purity, sterility, hygiene, faithfulness, peace, wisdom, neutrality, joy, honour, innocents, mediator between all colours.

Negatively: coldness, emptiness, impersonality.

Positively: elegance, seriousness, mysticism, matter of-factness, neutrality, power, strengths, protection.

Negatively: sorrow, secrets, pessimism.