Peder Nybo Jensen - optimistic and creative entrepreneuer

Founder Peder Nybo Jensen passed away 11. August 2015 in his home surrounded by his family. He was 81 years old.

Peder Nybo Jensen founded the company Nybo Jensen Konfektion together with his wife in 1962 and he led the company for many years.

In 1962, when Margit and Peder Nybo Jensen started producing workwear in their private home in Viborg, none of them probably had any idea that the company would one day become the leading producer of fashionable workwear in Denmark. But this is exactly what happened. Today, Nybo Workwear A/S is among the market leaders in the workwear business all over Northern Europe.

Peder Nybo Jensen had an optimistic mind and always saw possibilities instead of the limitations. At the same time he had a good sense of humour and was very adventurous. This became quite evident when he, as a young man, had just become qualified as a salesman of clothes. He then decided to seek his fortune working in mines in the cold and dark Canadian wilderness. Well back in Denmark he later worked as a salesman selling service stations for the petrol company Uno-X, before he established his own company together with his wife.

The positions in the company were set from the beginning: Margit Nybo Jensen was in charge of design and daily operations and Peder Nybo Jensen was in charge of direct sales efforts. In this position he made good use of the commercial talent he developed in his childhood selling pigeons from his and his brother's pigeon house on the market square in central Viborg.

As a salesman, as well as in his private life, Peder Nybo Jensen was well-known for values such as honesty, trustworthiness and loyalty. His philosophy were always that a good deal has two winners - and no losers. Both the buyer and the seller must profit from the deal. This philosophy characterizes the whole company today. This is probably one of the reasons why the list of customers comprises many companies which have been customers at Nybo Workwear A/S for decades.

Peder Nybo Jensen was a very creative person, who was always passionate about his tasks. This applied not only to company related tasks but also to the, often unconventional, activities that the outgoing factory owner committed to through the years. One example of this is the large number of small clubs, where Peder Nybo Jensen personally gathered groups of business people and friends for a modest meal and a delightful informal chat about a little bit of everything.

Peder Nybo Jensen as a manufacturer was a methodical person, who emphasised order. After hours he liked to enjoy the fresh air in the surrounding nature. To him a perfect day started with rowing on the Viborg lakes together with his permanent rowing crew, who go way back. Golf was another great interest. Hunting was a third. When Peder Nybo Jensen went on a hunt, the main purpose was, however, not to bring down pray but rather to enjoy the scenic nature.

The common interest for nature was also the driving power behind Margit and Peder Nybo Jensen's purchase of not just one but two forest sites, where they spent much of their leisure time. Peder Nybo Jensen was often dressed in workwear as he was very involved in the cutting down of the forest and the later afforestation.

When Peder Nybo Jensen passed away the couple was no longer directly involved in daily operations at Nybo Workwear A/S. However they still had a very big interest in the development of the company and they often visited to have a cup of coffee and to talk with the employees.

Margit Nybo Jensen is still a frequent guest at the company and is pleased that all of their three children Helle, Anders and Jacob, hold key positions in the company.